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ITF2017 Japan

Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
Location: Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

More info on ITF2017 Japan will be available as from August 2017.

What is ITF2017 Japan?

Imec Technology Forum JAPAN is one of imec’s leading high-tech events, offering an exclusive research and innovation perspective on the emerging trends and opportunities for the semiconductor and ICT industry.
Under the theme “Nano-bytes creating magic”, this 17th edition of ITF Japan will explore the amazing innovation potential created when nanoelectronics and digital technologies are combined. The half-day program features –

  • Insights on market trends, evolutions and latest breakthroughs in semiconductor scaling, and in nanoelectronics and digital technology-based innovation;
  • Presentations on advances in artificial intelligence, security, smart cities, diagnostics, flexible electronics and smart grids.

ITF JAPAN is also your n°1 gateway to –

  • Collaboration opportunities with imec;
  • Direct networking with other top stakeholders in the semiconductor and ICT industry.

ITF Japan completes our series of highly acclaimed Imec Technology Forums. Other ITF events are hosted in the USA, Israel and Southeast Asia, in addition to ITF Healthcare and of course, our flagship ITF conference in Belgium.

Who attends ITF2017 Japan?
ITF JAPAN brings together 500+ industry experts, academia, business leaders, researchers, futurists, and technology gurus active in Japan and the wider region.
Whether you are interested in learning about the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs, exploring new business opportunities or wishing to capture bright ideas and novel insights in the realm of nanoelectronics and high-tech digital innovation & entrepreneurship, this is the event for you.

You can request your guest registration code by sending an email to the ITF organizer, Chris Vanherck

ITF2017 Japan sponsor opportunities
ITF is the n° 1 technology event for sponsors to connect with the leading innovators of tomorrow’s economy and society; and to stand out as a trusted partner for business and policy executives, as well as for research institutes. As an ITF sponsor you will benefit from guaranteed brand exposure leaving a significant impression in people’s minds.
Explore our sponsor deals or request more info via Annouck.Vanrompay@imec.be.

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