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Smart cities

DAY 2, Wednesday, May 17, 11:00 - 13:00 Darwin room

Moderator: Jan Adriaenssens

Both experts and citizens agree that digitization has the potential to lift the quality of life in our cities to unprecedented levels. As a matter of fact, digital technologies hold the promise to solve several urban issues – ranging from traffic congestion to safer neighborhoods, etc.

Today, it is hard to find a European city that is not yet experimenting with the digitization of its public services offering. In the city of Antwerp for instance – home to this year’s ITF conference – imec is a founding partner of the City of Things project, Europe’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) test bed for smart cities. As part of the City of Things project, thousands of sensors and other connected devices will be used to shape the way in which we live and work – with Antwerp residents, commuters and tourists not only reaping the benefits of a smart Antwerp, but also contributing to it.

Smart cities are driven by technological advances in data science and the IoT on the one hand - and structured citizen participation on the other. And add to that equation an increased set of expectations; future data sets to enable autonomous driving, for instance, will increasingly require an instant analysis of live video feeds; and current networking technologies like ZigBee, WiFi, LoRa or 4G might not be able to cope with the increased hyper-connectivity.

In other words: the development of a true smart city will be driven by increasing citizen demands, and will depend on the availability of reliable, novel (networking) technologies. Through initiatives such as City of Things, and its participation in international projects, imec is in pole position to contribute to this.




    11:00 - 11:40     


 John Baekelmans  Pieter Ballon

John Baekelmans, imec The Netherlands
Managing Director & VP

Pieter Ballon, imec
Director Studies on Media, Innovation & Technology











    11:40 - 12:00   


Luis Munõz

Luis Muñoz, Unican
Head of the Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory

Smart Cities and the Co-creation Paradigm










    12:00 - 12:20     


 Preben Mogensen  

Preben Mogensen, Nokia Bell Labs
Principal Engineer & Fellow

IoT - A key enabler for smart cities






    12:20 - 12:40     


 Frank Bekkers  

Frank Bekkers, Joyn International

Smart Retail: building an eco-system between major stakeholders: cities, merchants, innovative companies and users. Is it possible and how can it be accomplished?





    12:40 - 13:00     



Panel discussion








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